Complete Home/Business Surveillance Solutions

Award Winning 10 YEAR WARRANTY On Select Surveillance Equipment (Ask About This Option)

Including 32 Camera Systems, 16 Camera Systems, 8 Camera Systems, and 4 Camera Systems. Basic Systems to Advanced High Resolution Systems. All systems Have the ability to view remotely via a PC or Smart Phone (Apple or Android) or remotely via a PC. Perfect for increasing employee productivity and ensuring your assets are protected. Usually the units pay for themselves after the first time they are needed to verify/ review an incident, as you will now know the truth as to what happened. We have solutions for almost any situation. Our prices will be quoted to include the full install, system and all necessary parts. We are very affordable compared to the other local companies. The smartphone app now lets you review the footage via the app. Also the app can be set up to send alerts when motion is detected or when virtual trip wires are crossed. We have numerous systems in auto shops, car dealerships and residential applications. Referrals are available by request (Speak to someone that has one of our systems installed to verify functionality and affordability). All systems by IC Realtime

About Us

Tantrum Audio installs and maintains home audio and video systems. Our services range from installing wall mounted televisions to designing and building home theater systems that will rival your local cinema! Combine your home theater with a home automation system  and you’ll enjoy the ability to control all electronic devices and systems in your home from a single, easy to use touch screen interface!

Automation systems can be designed to manage your home’s lighting, heating and air, security, audio, video, window treatments, IP cameras and even irrigation systems.

Home Theater Installation

We know that setting up a complex home theater installation can be a precarious process. Fortunately, the Tantrum Audio team of highly trained technicians knows how to install home theater systems in Wisconsin with the finesse required for both presentation and function. We can mount a flat screen TV in any home to create a modern and elegant feel, and conserve space, too! By combining our years of experience with the most intricate and studied practices in the home theater industry, we know that we can provide a cut of service that will never let you down. Contact Tantrum Audio today!

Whole House Audio

What is it that makes you pick Mozart over Machine Head? Have you ever thought of a particular song and wanted to hear that song right now? What if you could grab a remote, punch in your selection and hear it instantly in the room you are in without having to walk over and turn on the stereo system or shuffle through your CD collection to find the right disc? That has been the dream of everyone that’s ever owned a music system, whether you’re listening to James Taylor on the back deck as you watch the sun go down or rocking out to the Doors when nobody is home.

For more than 40 years stereo owners have looked for ways to make their music systems easier to operate, more convenient, and more fun. With the technology available these days and the ever growing amount of online content, home entertainment systems can do all that and more. In fact if you look at some of the systems currently available, it’s easy for anyone to become quickly overwhelmed with their complexity and their ability to do more things than you could imagine. We see clients all the time who have purchased these complex systems and they are just not happy with it – mostly because even with all this technology, the core of what they wanted is missing.

At Tantrum Audio we take a different approach and we call it “Hand Crafted” home entertainment. We think what you really want is good quality and, most of all, simple convenience. We think you will be happier with a system that does only the few things that you want flawlessly, rather than doing 500 things that you will never use. We think you want a system that you don’t have to remember anything in order to use it. And most of all we think you want a system that gives you your music, when you want it, with enough quality that makes you want to play it all day every day.

Give Us a Call and set up a Consultation and see what we mean by “Hand Crafted” home entertainment designed around just you.

Commercial Audio & Commercial Video

When was the last time you updated your commercial audio and video systems? Do you own a business that needs new VoIP systems installed in your conference rooms? Or a restaurant that needs new flat screen TVs?

Contact the experts at Tantrum Audio to get professional audio and video services for your commercial space. We install televisions & audio systems in restaurants, board rooms, and offices across Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Brown Counties! Give us a call today to find out what the commercial AV experts at Tantrum Audio can do for your business.

We will be happy to demo these products out for you at your home or business. Just give us a call to set up a consultation @ 920-657-2201